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What an Experience!!!

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with EdUp, and by far this was the most relaxing, fun, laid back filled with information I’ve experienced. From the time we started until finishing, there was great energy and conversation filled with learning. I’m already ready to come back. The recording sounds excellent and my peers are enjoying listening. I now have a new podcast!!

Glad You're Out There

So glad "EdUp" is out there bringing new and diverse and unique higher education voices to the conversation. Keep on keeping on.

What is The Minerva Project

Provide vision of higher education's future

Can't Wait to do it Again!

I loved getting to be a guest on the podcast - honestly, most fun podcast interview I've done yet, and a joy to spend time with such smart thinkers and educators too. It's quickly become one of my favorite overall podcasts to listen to, too!

Great show!

It was a lot of fun to be part of an episode as well as listening to the other episodes.

A space to think and maybe laugh just a bit!

The EdUp podcast finds the ever elusive balance between irreverent fun and thought-provoking conversation. It is a great space to take a deep breath and think about the challenges facing higher education from a different perspective. I find myself re-charged and ready to climb the "next mountain" after listening to the podcast!

Fun and insightful!

Great show to stay up to date on trends within education with a touch of fun to stay engaged!

Best Education Podcast out there

Amazing. The guys Joe and Elvin are fantastic. They run a professional, interesting and engaging show. The interviewing, production and flow rival the TOP podcasts across all genres. If you're into The Daily, The Journal, Smartless, Explained and are looking for that quality of interviewing, relevant topics and flow, please give this a listen. If you have an interesting interview to put forward, the guys are great. I've been on both sides, pitching stories and listening to the podcasts, and I'm a fan.

Getting the Message Out

What a great opportunity to share what's happening in community colleges and the Coast Community College District in particular. The conversation was easy and enjoyable. Thanks #EdUp.

Best interview experience!

Describing my interview experience with EdUp as amazing would be an understatement. We had the most riveting conversation about everything from the role of youth in education advocacy to the WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) summit and its importance in a time when youth voices must be unmuted to bring about much needed change in the world. This podcast is an absolute must-listen for anyone interested in all things education!

Great Opportunity to Share

The podcast interview was a great opportunity share our unique experience as an institution. The podcast hosts are well prepared and facilitate a very fun and valuable discussion.

Great passion

WOW! What an amazon interconnection you build for the students all around the country, and the world in future!

Wonderful Interview Experience

A fun, informative, and thoughtful podcast interview experience with relevant topics and questions for higher education leaders.

Fun and informative

Had a great time with Joe - great, thoughtful questions - with lots of fun intertwined.


I greatly enjoyed being a guest on the podcast discussing the shared responsibility of diversity, equity, and inclusion. As cohosts, Joe and Michelle were welcoming, insightful, and easy to talk to about DEI-related topics and support for student-athletes. The EdUp Experience features some of the top leaders in higher education. I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my passion and thoughts related to key areas within higher education and intercollegiate athletics.

A must

Incredibly insightful and exciting. A sine qua non for anyone who works in education and has an interest in it.

Fantastic Show

What a great source for up to date news on higher ed trends. Great show.


Very much enjoyed the fun podcast conversation about Culture & Learning with Joe Sallustio and Julie White on EdUp. I had a blast and hope to see Julie (and you!) soon at SXSW EDU!

Easy as talking to a friend over dinner

Very professional and a great team! Joe and Elvin did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable and helping me to share my thoughts on higher education trends and what is happening at my university.

Incredibly valuable content

The EdUp Experience is an absolutely incredible podcast that I've incorporated into my daily routine! Such informative content and also so entertaining to listen to, thanks to the incredible hosts. Each guest offers ground-breaking insight into the industry with real-time examples and experience that I can't find anywhere else - 5 stars!!!

Excellent Content!

The information is valuable and the dialogue is fun and interesting. EdUp is on the cutting edge of exploring what leaders in higher education think about the present and the future. It's a must-hear podcast!

The Pulse of Higher Ed

EdUp is a wonderful and entertaining way to stay abreast of the latest issues and trends facing higher education. Tune in today to learn first-hand from college and university presidents and leaders as well as the other players shaping the field.

Learning Goldmine

I always learn something valuable from listening to EdUp Experience episodes, and the conversations are great. This is a great service and resource for anybody interested in education and learning.

Keeping the learner at the center

Joe continues to campaign, through the EdUp podcast, for higher education that best serves the learner - every learner. Thank you for your commitment.

Informative and entertaining

Loved the way he tied the past with the present regarding the university. I enjoyed the flow and upbeat approach to this podcast.

Great experience

I enjoyed being part of this experience. Both hosts were very thoughtful and thorough, asked very good questions and kept the conversation flowing. The time went by very quickly! Great job!

I've listened to EdUp a lot

I've listened to EdUp a lot – as a first-year president during Covid, it was very helpful to have this broad perspective of people and their experiences and it’s been helpful to learn from other Presidents.

Amazing Content!

Joe and Elizabeth do such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and informed!

Excellent experience

I must say that I was intrigued upon acceptance to participate on the podcast. The team afforded me the opportunity to truly reflect on the work that I am passionate about. In many ways, the questions elicited thoughts that made me proud to be a community college leader. As a champion for student success and advocate for removing barriers, I was most impressed by the knowledge of the interviewers and the ease by which they coordinated the session. Thank you for sharing this platform with the world. I look forward to learning from other leaders that participate in this experience.

Timing is Everything

Working with many Higher Education institutions, I always find the nuances of each one interesting. So naturally I would gravitate to a podcast like The Ed Up experience. Couple that with the pivot the entire higher education institutions had to make in March of 2020 it is no wonder why this is the #1 podcast on my list. The vast range of guests is very eclectic. I have been fascinated by the way each guest describes the speed of which everyone was able to pivot. Kudos to Joe, Liz and the entire Ed Up Experience team !!