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The colleges and universities providing millions of degree and non-degree credentials each year are a vital backbone of communities and economies. These institutions elevate the critical-thinking capacities of students and learners, and they provide crucial job skills and life skills to emerging workforces.

But the skills we need, the ways in which we collaborate, and the very jobs available to graduates are changing. It’s time for higher education to start anew. It’s time for Commencementinto a new era.






How do YOU influence the future of higher education?

Maybe you’re an administrator. A board member. A member of the faculty or staff. An ed-tech or educational services leader. Or a policymaker.

If you work in or around higher education, this book was written for you — for your aspirations and your fears, for your curiosities and your vision, and for your commitment to educate, inspire, and serve the myriad learners who look to you and your institutions to light the way.

You know that the world of higher education is experiencing evolutions and revolutions. You want to be part of the progress. Commencementwill show you how.

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