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Creative, Informative

So glad I found this podcast. Joe Sallustio and Elizabeth Leiba interview various innovators in the education space, talking about both where we are and where we’re going. Guests include everyone from nonprofit leaders to higher ups in different institutions and edtech innovators. A go-to for me, and one that never fails to leave me feeling inspired!

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This podcast is thought provoking and needs to be on everyones playlist!

EdUp is Changing the World of Higher Ed Education and Supporting Us All!

5 STARS! Listening to the EdUp Experience over the past year has grounded me and also provided useful, relevant, and extraordinary insights from higher ed leaders from a variety of institutions. The synergy created by hosts Joe and Liz and producer Elvin provides for a safe, engaging, and diverse space for many topics to be discussed. There is really something in this podcast for everyone in education. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you’re missing out! Thank you EdUp for supporting us through Covid-19 and continuing to remind us that education is a place for change and innovation. You all rock!

The premier podcast in higher Ed

The EdUp Experience covers the most important topics in higher education today. I highly recommend it to anyone concerned about the future of education and the workforce and wants to hear some of the stories about the biggest players in the industry.

Highly Recommend

Not only does The EdUp Experience keep me well informed with what’s happening in higher education, but I’m quickly becoming motivated to go back to school. The way they are humanizing each university president makes me want to pick one of the schools as my next higher ed stop. Also, Liz and Joe are amazing hosts - they keep things interesting and the episodes moving enemies when the guests are not as engaging. I highly recommend this podcast to everyone!

Outstanding Work!

Wow, I feel so lucky to have learned about this podcast. It has become part of my daily routine to listen and the interaction between Joe and Liz makes it engaging and fun. No other higher Ed podcast has come close to fun or funny when dealing with the complicated world of education. Keep up the great work and you have one very loyal listener here!

Phenomenal podcast

Between the charisma of the two hosts, the variety of speakers and the frequency of output you cant get much better than this podcast when it comes to education. They do a great job of elevating new voices

It’s SO Good

This podcast is really, really good. Not only is the content incredible, Joe and Liz are amazing hosts regardless of whether they are talking about higher education or something else. It’s rare to find a podcast in the education world that transcends education. The guest list is unprecedented - the number of university Presidents and CEOs is just amazing and I am truly hooked. I am so happy to have found this podcast and I love that I can communicate with the hosts on social media - and they always respond!

Higher Education Expertise

The Ed UP Experience is MORE than an’s a movement. Bringing thought leaders, innovators, and learning leaders who are doing amazing things to shake up educational institutions and inspire new ways of doing business!

Forward Thinking Leaders

The EdUp Experience has the most most forward thinking leaders in higher education as their guests — discussing current and critical issues in higher ed. Their guests focus on real examples and practical advice that folks can actually use. Elvin, Elizabeth and Joe are incredible hosts, asking great questions. If you are trying to up your higher ed game with an incredible podcast that delivers awesome content every day — look no further. There simply is no other podcast that has had more forward thinkers in higher ed on their show than the EdUp Experience.


Love the ED UP Experience! You guys are so consistent, and you have your hand on the pulse of the dynamic HigherEd space.

Great Guests, Informative

I very much enjoy listening to the Ed Up Experience Podcast. The variety of guests including University presidents, authors, business executives, etc provide their own unique perspective on the subject of higher education. Joe and Liz are great host and keep it rolling. Everyone should be listening.

Higher Education Expertise

The Ed UP Experience brings the most innovative and forward thinking thought leaders to the mic. Great new episodes and guests. Thanks for the great content!

Dr. Gregory Fowler & Southern New Hampshire University

I loved this episode. Dr. Fowler and Southern New Hampshire University seems to truly be committed to their students. When Dr. Fowler said “we meet them (students) where they are” and then “how do we solve this for the people who need this the most” I knew this university is mission driven and walking the talk. I hope other university leaders hear Dr. Fowler and will follow suit. This is my second episode of the podcast and I need to catch up big time. Keep up this great and necessary work!

Competence based learning

The episode with the President of Western Governors University is a must hear for all college presidents, Provost’s and CBOs.

Loved the Gallup Conversation

This episode with John Clark helped me get a better grasp on where higher ed is heading and the challenges of colleges and universities.

Insightful, Relevant & Superb!

The hosts Elvin and Joe have really brought together a new and refreshing community for us higher education professionals. I’m still amazed at the guests they’re able to bring in. I’ve listened to some of the episodes multiple times. Great job guys!

Great experience.

Thoroughly enjoyed what I have heard from the podcast so far. What I like most is that Elvin and Joe seem passionate about what they produce which makes for a great show. Also, they are taking higher ed to a new medium, which hopefully opens the doors for new ideas in the industry.

Timely, Relevant & Engaging!

I thoroughly enjoy this podcast. The hosts always have timely, relevant and engaging content and guests that bring the topics to life. I highly recommend subscribing and listening if you’re a higher education professional or interested in the state of higher education.

Best Higher Ed focused Podcast

This is by far the best podcast focused on the field of higher education available. A must listen for anyone who works or is interested in higher education!

Professional Educators: Listen Up!

This show covers topics educators need to be thinking about. The guests are genuine thought leaders. There's no fluff here. Problems and challenges are laid out and dissected methodically. The hosts are fun and keep things snappy, asking probing questions throughout. What an entertaining way to keep abreast of the issues that are reshaping education!