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Great Experience

Having the opportunity to talk with Joe, to share, and to learn was a great experience. So many great things happening in our industry and this is a wonderful forum for showcasing them.

Great podcast experience

I had a great experience on this podcast with Joe and Elvin. They asked great questions and made us all feel comfortable. It was great fun and and a wonderful conversation.

A Great Listen

I was introduced to this podcast at a conference as a guest speaker. Since then I have enjoyed listening and following the different topics in higher ed that Joe covers. An easy recommend for any higher education professional

So much fun!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to shed some light on the genuine student stories that we face in the community college world! Great to meet you at Anthology 22 in Orlando! You’ve definitely gained a new listener and I can’t wait to tune in with all the content dedicated to trends and topics in education!

Had a Blast!

Joe and Elvin were fun and engaging, making the interview a smooth and exciting experience, but their knowledge of education and passion for what they are doing was the icing on the cake of the whole experience! Will be a lifelong listener now!

Absolute blast

This podcast experience was so easy, smooth, welcoming and fun! Elvin and Joe are incredible hosts and the knowledge they have in the industry made our time together effortless.

Fun and Informative

I joined Joe to talk about a new student debt initiative called, launched by the nonpartisan Pete G. Peterson Foundation. It was a great conversation. He “got” the importance of what the initiative is trying to accomplish in terms of transparency and helping students better understand what it means to borrow to finance their college and how to keep their borrowing to affordable levels. He’s a great advocate for higher education but also isn’t afraid to tackle key issues head-on, such as rising college costs. He’s truly dedicated to helping everyone in the higher ed ecosystem understand the challenges. The kind of candid dialogue he brings to his podcasts will help build consensus solutions. My conversation with him was lively, insightful, entertaining and fun. Thank you Joe for all that you do to keep your listeners up-to-date and informed on everything higher ed.

453: Classroom Technology

I truly enjoyed our conversation with Dr. Joe Sallustio about classroom technology. Joe is very engaging and knowledgeable in all things in education. Classroom technology is a never ending conversation in how to improve & enhance student learning achievement. Thank you EdUp!!! Until next time.

Great Experience as Interviewee - great discussion

I've never had such an enjoyable experience on a podcast before. Great conversation with wide-ranging education topics and great questions. Thank you for hosting me.

College Transparency Act

The show provided a comprehensive, non-jargon-laden, and at times even light-hearted account of why the College Transparency Act is needed NOW to improve U.S. higher education, highlighting the transformative effect that comprehensive student data would have on postsecondary education decision-making, by students, institutions and policymakers. The broadcast underscored the shortcomings of the current patchwork data system, and how that can be changed to create more accountability and rational decision-making throughout higher education.

Wonderful Experience

I had a great time as a guest on this podcast! I really like the fun, informal approach that Joe takes, and the topics we covered were on point with what I believe listeners will be interested in.

A dynamic, timely, and relevant venue to discuss key higher education issues

EdUp is the most comprehensive podcast in the U.S. and abroad enabling meaningful discussions on key issues being faced by colleges and universities. It is an amazing source of information and inspiration for those working in higher education either in academia or in administration. Congrats to the EdUp team for this great effort in benefit of higher education not only in U.S. but globally, as I was able to witness during the active and very relevant participation of the EdUp team at the recent World Innovation Summit on Education, hosted by Qatar Foundation in Doha.

A Mentoring Campus

Great experience - the questions and thoughtful dialogue was most enjoyable. If you get an invited, take advantage of the opportunity. You will not regret it!

Great Podcast Experience!

Thank you for making a podcast that's not only informative, but fun! I had a great time being a guest and truly enjoyed how Joe makes the conversation easy and entertaining with his timely sound effects! Thank you to the EdUp team for providing a space that presents important topics in an upbeat way.

Fun, engaging, and educational!

This was such a fun way to learn about higher ed topics while being entertained. I always take away a few new things!

Excellent Podcast

I truly enjoyed participating in this podcast. However, my greatest enjoyment has been listening to the other segments. This is an excellent podcast for educators. It has become part of my weekly routine.

Excellent Podcast

I enjoyed participating in an episode of this podcast. However, my greatest joy has been listening to the other episodes. This is an excellent podcast for educators. It has become part of my weekly routine.

Excellent content!

This podcast is absolutely amazing. Great content and quite fun to listen to. I'd highly recommend you take the time to check it out.

436: Working Learners

I'm new to higher Ed and love this podcast! Great information from Parminder at Unmudl!

Needs and Desires of Today's Students

It was an honor to be on the EdUp Podcast. The questions were wonderful and the feedback I have received has been overwhelming. Thank you, EdUp for give College President's a platform to address today's tough issues.

Fantastic Experience as a Guest

I had a lot of fun doing this podcast and had the opportunity to talk about online learning. Really enjoy getting the message out about a topic I am really passionate about!

I’m a Fan!

I started listening to The EdUp Experience podcast in April 2020 when Scott Pulsipher, President of WGU was interviewed (one of the best episodes BTW), and I’ve been a fan ever since! As a former guest and two-time cohost, I appreciate the insights and learnings I get from every guest. Plus, Joe and Elvin know how to have fun which differentiates them from other higher ed podcasts! Keep up the excellent work!

Loved connecting with the EdUp Team

It was super fun to record this podcast! The low key, informal approach was really fun!

#421 - Digi Edwards - eLive Interview

As my first podcast EVER ... Joe and Elvin prepped me well and made it comfortable for me to provide information on my company, the reasoning behind attending eLive in person and what I would gain from attending. Super cool guys - loved the added sounds and the positive spirit surrounding the interview. Great job guys - let's do it AGAIN!

Matt Alex & Gabrielle Kristofich of Beyond Academics

What a honor to join Joe and Elvin on the EdUp podcast. It was so fun and such a natural dialogue. Joe made it light yet hit the points that needed to be touched. Love to do it again!!

Lively conversation!

The podcast hosts have natural energy and curiosity, and they certainly know how to draw out a spirited conversation. I enjoyed talking to them about math on Episode #417!

Real conversations about what matters most in higher education

As a long time listener and recent guest, I really appreciate this podcast. There are diversity of guests and perspectives. There are interesting topics. And most importantly, there are great conversations that are informal and authentic - it's clear that people are not just going through their talking points and moving from one question to the next, but that new ideas and insights are being created in real time as we listen and learn. Great stuff.

Great conversation and interesting content

Enjoyed the opportunity of being on the podcast. Great variety of topics and interesting guests!

The EdUp Boost!

Just when you think all podcasts are alike--there is EdUp! Seriously, I walk away with a bigger energy boost after talking with Joe than my "morning joe." And just when you least expect it-- he takes it up a notch with a "whoosh" or a "oh yeah" sound effect. Hmm... maybe that's just to see if he can throw you off your game? No way! Seriously Joe--you are a total rock star that brings buzz to our amazing world of higher education. Thanks to you and Elvin for the incredible work you do to bring the best of higher ed to your audience in a fun and engaging way. See you and the EdUp team at Ellucian Live 2022!

EdUp Wichita State University

Had a great time discussing HiEd and all things Wichita State University with Dr. Joe Sallustio!! His insightfulness and humor creates a positive environment to discuss the future of HiEd.