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Engaging Discussion

Engaging discussion on important topics. Joe and guest co-host Mark allowed the space for in-depth conversations that were relatable and informative. I enjoyed speaking with them.

Unscripted and Real - Simply the Best

I've been a podcast guest for multiple shows over the past 30+ years and Joe's is one of the best. I joined the Zoom session a few minutes prior to going live and the conversation just started flowing without any scripting required. Before long, an hour had passed and we could have kept discussing the challenges and possible solutions facing EDU for another several hours. Always comfortable and confident, Joe has a winning program format with the EdUP show.

Fantastic Higher Education Podcast

Joe is a pro! My guest experience on the EdUp podcast was great. It was relaxing, entertaining and very professionally done. We covered some great content about Alston & Bird's higher education conference while having some fun. Thank you very much for the invitation to participate in such a great podcast. I am looking forward to another opportunity in the future!

Wonderful - Engaging conversation

It was truly a pleasure being in conversation with Joe and Richa on the EdUp podcast. Having the opportunity to engage in a conversation on what it means to be a great place to work and how to create the conditions was an honor.

A fresh take

I appreciate the collegial nature of having important conversations about the future of higher education. The hosts are knowledgeable, engaged and bring out the best in their guests. I enjoyed being a guest, but really appreciate the other voices from EdUp. If you care about the future of higher education; make sure EdUp Podcast experience is part of your playlist.

Michael Hatten Chairman/CEO, NYADI, the college of transportation technology

The interview was conducted in as very professional manner and I felt at ease during the process, thus allowing for a great exchange of ideas. Nice job, EdUp

Fun and engaging time

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being interviewed. We covered a lot of important topics to our university, higher education and, most importantly, our students. We are in the business of educating our students to become successful in life with a high quality online experience. I think the podcast kept the focus on the students - which is who we are here to serve.

Practitioners in Practice!

Great podcast that allows us to hear first hand from decision makers, stakeholders and vendors working together in higher education. I very much enjoyed our conversation and learned a lot from past episodes. Keep up the great work and important conversations.

This sessionshowed me there's a lot more to do to make digital resources in higher ed more accessible.

This was an interesting podcast. I didn't ask when asked to be a guest if Joe was having it captioned. (I should have) But I think it made for an interesting discussion when I raised it during the podcast. I do believe the podcast at least made the hosts more aware of the basics of accessibility. It was a great reminder for me that there are a lot of folks in higher education that have yet to understand the need to make digital resources fully accessible for people with disabilities. I didn't go into the podcast with a plan to do a presentation on accessibility. I do think that would have maybe provided more information but wouldn't have been as much fun. Joe was great taking responsibility and acknowledging that this wasn't an issue he'd really thought a lot about, and that I may have been only the second guest in the history of the podcast to talk about accessibility, though both hosts continually said it is important. I had fun and I do believe Joe did, even when I was being "shocked" with his lack of awareness in taking action in his instruction to make his materials more accessible. The podcast made me more aware of folks I'd expect in higher education, to be more aware of accessibility, and the actions to address it.

Important conversations

I had a great time recording this episode with Joe Sallustio and Douglas Carlson. It is refreshing to dig into the big issues in higher education in a long form like this and to take the time to really talk about the joys and challenges of higher ed. I appreciated Joe and Doug's insightful questions and true curiosity.

What a Great Experience

It was great talking with Joe and Douglas. They asked all the right questions, were tremendously knowledgeable about the industry, and made the whole experience fun. After listening to other episodes, I encourage everyone interested in anything education to subscribe. Lots of great stuff here!

Great Conversation!

I had a great time talking to both Joe's. I am hugely grateful to have been invited, and I think we covered a lot of really interesting topics. Thanks again!

Weighty Topics and Fun Conversations

What a great conversation -- with weighty topics considered in a less stoic way than the typical podcast on these kinds of subjects. Looking forward to listening in on many more!

Google's Wonderful Job

Episode 526 titled "A Certificate & A Degree - with Lisa Gevelber, Founder of Grow with Google" features a great interview with Lisa. She helps people who need certain career skills, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. Some of these people have college degrees and some don't. Lisa created Grow with Google, in which people learn from Google experts and receive their training to qualify for entry-level jobs. Grow with Google can also help those with specialized knowledge credits to earn professional certifications. In fact, Grow With Google partners with some colleges and universities like Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, ...provide these trainees with vocational certificates after they have successfully completed specific corriculous. In my view point, this is a great example of the transformation of higher education, as it involves vocational skills trainees, colleges, Google experts, and also the needs of the job market. Between the people who need jobs, and the market that needs skillful labor workers, entrepreneurs or businesses and colleges or universities to come and join. It's such a capable and efficient fusion. This could be a good viable structure or form for American higher education in the future. It is worthful and should continually practise and explore.

Great Experience

The EdUp Podcast provides valuable information to the higher education community and those who care about the future of our students. The entire team is wonderful at sharing relevant information in a fun and interesting way.

Terrific Conversation

The podcast was structured, organized and professionally. The questions were timely, meaningful, thoughtful, and relevant. I enjoyed the experience.

Great Educational Innovation

I have just listened “Episode 519”. I am impressed by a series of great educational innovation done by the University System in Texas 1, Attract high school graduates and help them to set up their goal for college graduation and well prepare them for that. 2, Open more online courses for satisfying different student body’s demands. 3, Open more short- term courses. So students can graduate quicker than usual with certain credential. For example, one only need to have some liberal arts credits and also a certificate in a specific field, and then he/she can graduate. And these college graduates pretty well meet the needs of labor market. 4, Support life-long learning pipeline by cultivating the culture of alumni’s loyalty to their alma mater. 5, In order to face the challenge of the quick increment of Hispanic population in Texas, the university system in Texas builds a whole lot of other infrastructure for new type of student service. 5, In order to face the challenge of the quick increment of Hispanic population in Texas, the university system in Texas builds a whole lot of other infrastructure for new type of student service. First, they launch a set of 20 research universities. The goal is to dramatically increase the pipeline of doctorin candidates in Texas for the Hispanic young people. Second, dramatically increases teaching faculties for college and university in the market place. So all the colleges and universities can work better for Texas different students' groups. 6, In their point of view, one important value of education is to make sure social & economic mobility. Sending colored poor minority young teenagers to the middle class is one of mission of common college education. Today in Amerca, entering middle class requires the credentials beyond high school. Therefore, the university system in Texas is doing great meet the ever change higher education in America.

Great conversation

Had a wonderful time with the EdUP team in my recent interview. Really insightful questions and a wonderful discussion on the challenges facing the post secondary and the K-12 worlds. Always fun to talk with thoughtful educators who are committed to helping find solutions.

Work for credits for one's continue education

In Episode 516, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) helps working adults students' continual education in a highly efficient way. They allows adult students to earn credits from the enterprise that they are working and bring these credits to college for their pursue higher educational degree. So that they can do better job in their work field for the companies. This greatly benefits every side: adult students, enterprise and college. From long-term, it will greatly help American enterprises to improve the quality of workforce and reinforce the abilities and power of America's products competition in the world.

The Premier Higher Ed Podcast

Joe, Elvin, and the rest of the team are fabulous. They provide a valuable service to the higher education community and make their guests feel welcome and comfortable. The team asks hard-hitting questions but does it in an approachable manner, which allows the guest to answer transparently and provides the most value to the audience. I could not recommend this podcast more.

The Most Fun Conversation I've Had About Ed Research

The EdUp Experience always delivers important conversations around equity and access in higher education. Joe didn't shy away from the challenge of making a white paper-- "Research Priorities for Equitable Dual Enrollment Policy and Practice" --not only interesting and practical for the field, but also fun! Thanks for breaking down this issue for your listeners.

Substantive and Fun!

It was an efficient exploration into some of the thornier issues of higher Ed reform, but discussed in an approachable way.

Conversations that make you Better!

We had planned a conversation for last Spring that was postponed due to scheduling conflicts - in return the opportunity came at a time that was more forward facing for our institution. The energy and engagement with #EdUp helps to crystalize experiences that are useful to the leader, the process,, and the outcomes! Thanks for a fun and productive Podcast experience.

What a great connector in the space!

The EdUP team is professional, kind and positive-- which is, unto itself, a truly noteworthy accomplishment. On top of that, their presence in the space, along with their reputation and networks make them an invaluable resource. We feel truly fortunate that the EdUP team has helped us share our story and meet other education leaders with complementary stories. Thank you!

The EdUp Experience is Like No Other

Joe and Elvin are true transformers in higher education! The Ed Up Experience is an important solution to all things higher education. Thanks Joe and Elvin for your important and vital work!

As a Network of Mentors

I became aware of EdUp podcast after hearing a mentor's interview on the program. Since then I have listened to many of the episodes, and I find each of them has a at least one nugget that has given me insight to an issue critical in my role as president. In a way the EdUp podcast is an extensive mentoring network, and I encourage everyone to listen so that we can all collectively strengthen our sector. It has been a rewarding experience to be involved with EdUp, thank you.

Good interview

Before my appearance on the podcast, I did not know about EdUp. I appreciated and enjoyed the exchange that I had with both hosts. While making sure that I was comfortable, they did not hesitate to push me on various points, and as a result I expanded my thinking on several issues. I hope that these new perspectives came through—and I am eager to see comments from listeners.

So much fun!

This show was so much fun to be a part of! I had a great time laughing with Joe. He put me at ease right away! I felt really safe to be honest and thoughtful in my responses while also not taking myself too seriously! Ha! Wonderful experience and a great show!

In the Business of People

Great and thoughtful questions, and Joe's personality and clear passion for education made the experience fun and thought-provoking. It was great also being able to talk about education at Delta College with my counterpart-in-crime, Nick Nissley, President at Northwest Michigan.

Great experience - thoughtful questions and engaging conversation.

As an interviewee, enjoyed the thoughtful questions, and the resulting engaging conversation. Joe made it easy! I appreciate the breadth and depth of topics found on the EdUp Experience. Well done!