Aug. 25, 2020

51: Dr. Mary Papazian, President, San Jose State University

51: Dr. Mary Papazian, President, San Jose State University

How to lead a large public Higher Education University at the intersection of Education, Business and Technology...during COVID

The EdUp Experience President Series, Episode #10 - On this episode of The EdUp Experience, we welcome Dr. Mary Papazian, President at San Jose State University.  Mary talks to us about working with local government and the community to address housing issues.  She also discusses enrollment trends at SJSU and what it's like to lead a large public university at the intersection of education, business and technology during the COVID-19 pandemic!

As the leader of the oldest public university in the west, the founding campus of the California State University system, and Silicon Valley’s only public university, Dr. Papazian is firmly committed to ensuring the success of all students; maintaining an environment that honors shared governance and is defined by open, transparent, and inclusive leadership; fostering a campus culture of curiosity and discovery; and building enduring campus and community partnerships.

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