Oct. 12, 2020

83: Bracken Darrell, CEO and President, Logitech

83: Bracken Darrell, CEO and President, Logitech

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In this episode of The EdUp Experience, Joe and Liz talk with Bracken Darrell, CEO and President of global, multi-billion dollar, industry and market leader in the design and innovation of computer peripherals and software, Logitech.  Currently, Logitech is valued at over 12B dollars with a global reach so impactful that its products are sold in nearly every country in the world.  Bracken is consistently ranked as one of the world's top CEOs.

Bracken explains how Logitech was able to ramp up their production of hardware to meet the needs of K-12 and higher education institutions to support online learning and will continue to innovate in the education sector. He also shares his goal to use his public platform as a change engine to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion within his organization, while emphasizing transparency to ensure accountability.  

As a believer in constant reinvention, he also explains why every leader should be prepared to fire themselves. And as the leader of one of the biggest technology companies in the world, Bracken describes why higher education is so important in developing critical thinking skills and creativity. 

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