Nov. 1, 2020

100: Keeping it 100 in Higher Education - with Dr. Daria J. Willis, President, Everett Community College

100: Keeping it 100 in Higher Education - with Dr. Daria J. Willis, President, Everett Community College
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Episode 100!  Can you believe it?  In this 100th episode of The EdUp Experience, The EdUp Experience President Series Episode #33, we welcome Dr. Daria J. Willis, President of Everett Community College.  As Everett CC's first African American President, Daria discusses why saying "yes" to opportunity and keeping it real underpinned her meteoric rise through the ranks.  Though diversity, equity, and inclusion are important, so is authenticity and disrupting the traditional nature of higher education leadership.  Daria is as real as it gets, and she shows her realness through social media where she connects with her students on a personal level. 

Dr. Daria J. Willis was appointed the 17th president of Everett Community College on April 29, 2019, becoming its first African American president. Her leadership has brought substantial educative change to community colleges, students, faculty, and staff.  Dr. Willis is a 2018 recipient of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges’ “40 Under 40” Award. She is a 2017 Cohort Fellow for the Thomas Lakin Institute for Mentored Leadership, an organization dedicated to training African American community college administrators for the presidency. Dr. Willis is also featured in the December 2017 issue of Diverse: Issues in Higher Education as a member of the Lakin Cohort, and she is a 2017 Cohort Fellow for the League for Innovation’s Executive Leadership Institute. 

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