May 18, 2022

439: Designers Unite! - with Jessica Barry, President & Owner of The Modern College of Design

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In this episode, President Series #152, YOUR guest is Jessica Barry, President & Owner of The Modern College of Design, YOUR guest cohost is Dr. Kurt T. Steinberg, President of Montserrat College of Art, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, & YOUR sponsor is Commencement: The Beginning of a New Era In Higher Education, coming fall 2022.

What happens when YOU put two College Presidents from Art & Design schools on the same podcast episode? Listen in to find out!

Jessica Barry is a 1997 graduate of the School of Advertising Art (SAA), holds a BA in management from Antioch University Midwest, & has been recognized as an award-winning educator & creative director. Jessica has served as President of SAA since 2007, overseeing all operations of the college &, in 2013, she purchased the assets of the college and is the sole owner. On July 20, SAA will be become The Modern College of Design.

With over twenty years’ experience as a graphic designer, art director, & creative director, Barry is uniquely suited to make informed decisions regarding program development, curriculum, faculty, equipment, & learning resources. Her work has been honored by AIGA, GDUSA, the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts, Art Center Dayton, & the Admissions Marketing Report. In addition, she is an active member & leader of many local & national organizations. Most notably, she served as a primary negotiator on the 2017–18 U.S. Department of Education’s gainful employment negotiated rule-making committee, & she co-chaired a 2016–17 Career Education Colleges & Universities committee to draft recommendations for the Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act.

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