July 26, 2020

37: Dr. David Stout, President. Brookdale Community College

37: Dr. David Stout, President. Brookdale Community College

The Emerging Role of the Community College in Higher Education

The Ed Up Experience President Series, Episode #5 - On this episode of The EdUp Experience, we welcome Dr. David Stout, President of Brookdale Community College.  David talks to us about the emerging role of the community college as both traditional alternative and upskilling necessity.  He discusses how quickly his community college has moved to service the students and how they plan to "re-open" in the fall, offering several different types of learning pathways.

As President, Dr. Stout has enacted strategies to predict and influence enrollment trends, address facility needs, analyze and control expenditures, update major institutional strategic plans, build financial reserves, and develop programs that address the needs of Monmouth County residents.

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