July 11, 2022

462: A Fireside Chat - with Andrew Rosen, CEO of Interfolio & Theo Pillay, SVP & GM of Institutional Products at Elsevier

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In this episode, YOUR guests are Andrew Rosen, CEO of Interfolio & Theo Pillay,  SVP & GM of Institutional Products at Elsevier, YOUR host is Elvin Freytes, & YOUR sponsor is Anthology Together 2022!

Recorded at the 2022 Interfolio Virtual Summit, Andrew & Theo have a great discussion with Elvin about the future of higher ed & Elsevier’s acquisition of Interfolio. Listen in to #EdUp! 

As CEO, Andrew Rosen brings a proven track record of successfully introducing & scaling innovative, problem-solving technologies into new markets. Andrew started his career as an early co-founder of Blackboard where he & the team successfully built & scaled the Learning Management System throughout the education marketplace.

Theo Pillay is responsible for Elsevier's Institutional Product Portfolio. These products serve a variety of institutional use needs, such as providing insights to develop more effective research strategies or showcasing institutions & their researchers to improve collaboration & attract more funding. Theo joined Elsevier in 2012 & has worked in different roles across the Research & Health businesses, including most recently SVP Strategy, Research.

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