June 10, 2021

228: Virtual Tour of the Future - with Zvi and Manu Goffer, CampusVR

228: Virtual Tour of the Future - with Zvi and Manu Goffer, CampusVR

Welcome back to America’s leading higher education podcast!  In this episode, sponsored by EvoLLLution, we welcome Zvi Goffer and Manu Goffer, founders of CampusVR.  Coronavirus has exposed the need for a virtual tour.  If you don't have one, you need one - considering that you may have students that never want to visit.  If you have one, you may need a better one if you want to continue to engage students on a visual level.  Everything is moving visually, and the campus tour with arrow clicks isn't going to do it.  Find out why CampusVR is the next stage of the evolution of the virtual campus tour.  

Zvi brings extensive knowledge in finance and private equity to potentially transform marketing for colleges and universities. His vision disrupts, both creatively and economically, the methodology in which institutions of higher learning will approach recruiting in the future.

With a background in finance, Manu has spent the last 5 years catering his expertise to help companies grow. He provides a specialized and methodical approach in providing consultation to transitioning companies ready for growth in many aspects of business and real estate.

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