Feb. 16, 2021

161: Owning the Challenges of Higher Ed - with Dr. Yves Salomon-Fernández, President, Greenfield Community College

161: Owning the Challenges of Higher Ed - with Dr. Yves Salomon-Fernández, President, Greenfield Community College
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This is The EdUp ExperiencePresident Series Episode #53.  In this episode, sponsored by MDT Marketing, we welcome Dr. Yves Salomon Fernandez, President, Greenfield Community College. Yves talks to us about the challenges and opportunities that exist in operating a rural community college.  She talks about how to bounce back from challenges in order to look into the future - at GCC, it's all hands on deck and when Yves is all in, she is all in!  Yves has learned to be comfortable with failure, change, and experimentation and understands the responsibility she has to represent the students she serves.  She also talks about how to make college campuses more inclusive and socially conscious - it has to start in K-12.

Dr. Yves Salomon-Fernández is the President of Greenfield Community College. She previously served as President of Cumberland County College in New Jersey and Interim President of MassBay Community College. In her career in higher education, Yves has served at large and medium-sized selective private and public universities, as well as open-access colleges in urban, suburban, and rural settings in the United States. She has also been an adjunct professor at the undergraduate, Master’s, and doctorate levels. Internationally, Yves has served with the United Nations in Mexico and as a consultant for the Bermuda Ministry of Education. 

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