Aug. 31, 2020

54: Dr. Ward Ulmer, President, Walden University

54: Dr. Ward Ulmer, President, Walden University

How CV-19 is Forcing Uncomfortable Decisions in Higher Education

This is The EdUp Experience President Series, Episode #13 - In this episode, hear Dr. Ward Ulmer talk about the importance of creating access to higher education and how Walden University is delivering Education for Good.  He also discusses the regulatory environment surrounding for-profit education and why there is a necessity of institutional choice.  Wondering about student services for online learning?  Well, Ward basically lays out a plan of how to accomplish it.  Tremendous value in this episode!

Ward Ulmer, PhD, is president of Walden University, responsible for the strategic direction and vision of the university and the overall day-to-day management, academic quality, financial performance, accreditation, and governance. He brings nearly 20 years of higher education leadership to the role, including more than 5 at Walden, where he most recently served as chief learning officer and vice president of College Administration. 

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