Oct. 9, 2020

81: Dr. Wallace Pond, Partner, Top Gun Ventures LLC

81: Dr. Wallace Pond, Partner, Top Gun Ventures LLC

BONUS: EdUp Embedded - Higher Education’s Winners And Losers

In this EdUp Embedded episode of The EdUp Experience, Dr. Wallace Pond, Partner at Top Gun Ventures LLC, and Dr. Joe Sallustio have a one-on-one about a variety of higher education topics. They discuss some of Wallace’s blog posts that highlight how Covid accelerated higher education’s winners and losers. They also talk about what higher education leadership should look like DC & AC (During Covid & After Covid). This is a great conversation with fascinating insights from one of higher ed's most influential thought leader!

Dr. Wallace Pond, is an educator/entrepreneur/business expert/executive recruiter with 20+ years of experience managing multi-campus and online institutions (nationally and internationally), with proven success in previous roles as Chancellor, President, COO, CEO, and Chief Academic Officer. Known for delivering coaching and professional development activities for emerging leaders while guiding thousands of staff members through organizational transformations to improve operational and financial performance. Seasoned with crisis management and results oriented mentoring for C-level executives. Focused on serving educational/community leaders with strategic planning, change management, organizational design/development, P&L, human capital development, innovation, new programs, and operations.

Read his recent book - Leadership in the Real World: Hard Won Lessons from Twenty Years as a Chief Executive in Turbulent Times 

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