May 22, 2021

214: The Education Concierge - with Todd Eicher, Co-Founder, ClearDegree

214: The Education Concierge - with Todd Eicher, Co-Founder, ClearDegree

Welcome back to America’s leading higher education podcast! In this episode, sponsored by Claremont Lincoln University, we welcome Todd Eicher, Co-Founder, ClearDegree.  Todd co-founded ClearDegree to help students work through the admissions process with all of the necessary information to make an informed decision.  With ClearDegree, students can finally find a program that checks off all the boxes, even the boxes they didn’t know existed! With choice comes confusion, and with confusion comes an opportunity for a big mistake when making their 2nd largest investment after a home.  Todd tells us how an education concierge helps students avoid pitfalls of uninformed decision-making.

Todd Eicher has dedicated more than 20 years to the Education industry as an innovative leader and executive.  During this time Todd has served in a variety of capacities including Senior Vice President, Executive Director, and Chief Mergers and Acquisitions Officer for Nelnet, Inc.  

More recently Todd served as the CEO of Nelnet Enrollment Solutions, CUnet, Sparkroom, Petersons, and Smart Degree; helping students prepare to pursue their higher education goals, and working with schools to effectively market to and enroll high-quality student candidates.  

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