Dec. 17, 2020

136: BONUS EdUp Embedded: Timothy Midgley, Co-Founder & CEO, DIEMlife

136: BONUS EdUp Embedded: Timothy Midgley, Co-Founder & CEO, DIEMlife

In this BONUS EdUp Embedded episode of The EdUp Experience, Dr. Joe Sallustio talks one-on-one with Timothy Midgley, Co-Founder & CEO at DIEMlife.  DIEMlife is a SAAS platform that brings people together through Quests™. We provide a place – an integrated, seamless online platform – that enables people to come together in common purpose, for shared projects, in support of one another.  Have you been thinking about a way to keep students engaged online - a way to build community?  Well, DIEMlife provides that and more.  Shared goals, group projects, social media feed, crowdsourcing, and more.  Checking out this technology will be well worth your time!

Tim has over 15 years of technology strategy consulting experience in both corporate and startup environments. He enjoys working in a variety of roles that require modern knowledge of solution creation, business analysis, and product design. He is a highly sought after resource for friends and family when they are seeking motivation, guidance, or feedback across a variety of work-related or wellness-focused initiatives.

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