Nov. 12, 2020

109: The Value of Residential Higher Education - with Steven Weiner, President, Menlo College

109: The Value of Residential Higher Education - with Steven Weiner, President, Menlo College

This is The EdUp Experience President Series Episode #35 - In this episode of The EdUp Experience, we talk with Steven Weiner, President of Menlo College.  Steven talks to us about how collaborative decision-making is critical. He also talks about decision making risk factors in the age of Covid, his college's switch to 100% online for the fall term, and the need for college preparedness - writing, math, critical thinking skills - at the high school level.  Steven believes social awareness and equity will continue to be THE big critical issue for the future and that the residential experience is important and not going away - it has value and institutions will continue to meet the need. Finally, he talks about how institutions are navigating difficult financial challenges, including lay-offs, now and in the future. 

Steven Weiner has been with Menlo College since 2013, first as Executive Vice President, and as of January 2018, as President. He obtained his MBA from the University of Chicago and subsequently launched his career there. He worked for the University of Chicago for 16 years, the last eight of which were in the role of Associate Dean and Principal Business Officer of the Pritzker School of Medicine. He left Chicago to assume the management of a consulting practice in the Bay Area. He continued in that capacity for ten years, first as Vice President and Division Manager for SAIC, and then in a similar role for First Consulting Group. In 2006, he became a co-founder of an open-source medical software start-up company, which was sold just prior to his return to higher education at Menlo College.

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