March 14, 2022

405: Burned? Now, De-risk! - with Steven Lee, Executive Director of SkillUp Coalition

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In this episode, YOUR guest is Steven Lee, Executive Director of SkillUp Coalition, YOUR guest cohost is Ryan Stowers, Executive Director at the Charles Koch Foundation, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, & YOUR sponsor is Commencement:  The Beginning of A New Era in Higher Education.

De-risk?  Steven talks to #EdUp about the concept of derisking and why it's important to today's adult learner population.  SkillUp focuses on providing skills to workers in need of upskilling to continue to have defined job pathways.  He also discussed the idea of a "continuum of care", so that from the moment a student considers SkillUp, all the way through career success, the journey can be defined and resources can be deployed to help students succeed.  Are degrees overrated?  Is the upskilling movement continuing to gain momentum due to rising tuition costs and student debt?  Listen in to find out!

SkillUp is a non-profit helping COVID-displaced workers get rehired for high-growth jobs. SkillUp brings together world-class training providers & partners to help workers upskill for in-demand careers. 

Steven brings over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, philanthropist & nonprofit leader to lead SkillUp through its next phase of supporting COVID-impacted frontline workers to attain the training & skills to reenter the workforce in stable, secure jobs. 

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