Jan. 13, 2021

143: Fulfilling the Talent Pipeline (and supporting WOMEN) - with Sandra Doran, President, Bay Path University

143: Fulfilling the Talent Pipeline (and supporting WOMEN) - with Sandra Doran, President, Bay Path University
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This is The EdUp Experience President Series Episode #47.  In this episode of The EdUp Experience, we welcome Sandra Doran, President, Bay Path University.   Sandra talks to us about using predictive analytics and wraparound services to create the best student experience possible - whether that's online or on-ground.  Bay Bath University is a women's undergraduate college - they serve the traditional 18-22 yr old and the very important adult woman who wants to secure her bachelor's degree to create a better life.  Preparing for the workforce of the future takes strategic foresight from visionary leaders like Sandra. 

 This episdoe is amazing! Read Sandra's NEW BLOG HERE!   

Sandra J. Doran J.D. was unanimously eSandra'slected by Bay Path University’s board of trustees to be the university’s sixth president. She began her tenure on June 30, 2020. President Doran believes that a college presidency is not a career choice, it is a very specific calling that serves both a personal and institutional purpose. Her distinguished career as an academic leader, senior executive in the corporate sector, lawyer, innovator, and battle-tested entrepreneur, has provided her with a unique skill set that she will utilize to ensure that Bay Path University continues to excel in pursuing its core mission of empowering undergraduate women and graduate women and men to become leaders in their careers and communities.  

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