July 22, 2022

480: Personalized Video - with Samantha Cornmesser, Marketing Manager at MDT Marketing

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In this episode, YOUR guest is Samantha Cornmesser, Marketing Manager at MDT Marketing, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, & YOUR sponsor is Alliance for Innovation & Transformation's (AFIT) Summer Institute 2022!

This episode was recorded during the Alliance for Innovation & Transformation's (AFIT) Summer Institute 2022 in Nashville! This year's theme was Talent & the Future of Work: Leading With Happiness & Humanity!

Summer Institute is a unique educational experience designed for CEOs & their teams to learn about a selected theme from world-class learning partners. AFIT learning partners are recognized quality leaders in their field & have demonstrated success with the selected theme. The themes are strategically chosen based on members’ needs, & they build on each other from one year to the next. During the program, teams participate in interactive learning activities & benefit from “team time” to discuss key concepts & translate them into actionable solutions that fit their institution’s needs.

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