Oct. 13, 2020

84: The Importance of the Word "AND" in Higher Education - with Dr. Robert Davies, President, Central Michigan University

84: The Importance of the Word

This is The EdUp Experience President Series, Episode #27 - In this episode, we welcome Dr. Robert Davies, President of Central Michigan University.  In this episode, Dr. Davies talks to us about the new state of higher education and the word AND and its centrality in decision-making.  We also visit the concept of risk tolerance and why there has to be a choice for everyone moving forward.  Bob talks about how making mistakes has to be acceptable and shielded from fear, and why it is critical that we focus on building community during these difficult times.  Finally, Bob discusses how he is expanding the diversity and inclusion knowledge of his cabinet which could be a model for other universities.

Davies brings nearly 25 years of higher education experience to CMU.  Before coming to CMU, Davies served as president of Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. He previously was president of Eastern Oregon University.  Prior, he served in leadership roles guiding university relations, alumni relations, and advancement programs.

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