Oct. 26, 2020

96. Prevention's Impact on Higher Education - with Rob Buelow, Senior Vice President, Everfi

96. Prevention's Impact on Higher Education - with Rob Buelow, Senior Vice President, Everfi
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In this episode of The EdUp Experience, we talk with Senior Vice President of Everfi, Rob Buelow.  Rob talks to us about how today's students demand more from their campus experience, evaluating institutions on their commitments to safety, health and wellness, and inclusion.  Rob enlightens us about Everfi's Social Impact Index ranking and why there is a necessity to look at emerging factors which are key indicators for the future of higher education's relevance.  

Rob Buelow is the Senior Vice President of Higher Education and Impact at EVERFI, an international technology company driving social change through education. With one foot in higher education and one foot in social impact technology, he brings public health passion, social science rigor, and high-tech innovation to solve the most pressing challenges facing colleges and universities. Rob has managed major public health projects across sectors and has received state and national recognition for his work, including the 2009 Outstanding Prevention Educator Award from the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. He has authored peer-reviewed research on innovative prevention initiatives, served as a keynote speaker at national and international conferences, and provided expert testimony on preventing workplace harassment for the EEOC and combating the opioid epidemic for the D.C. Council’s Committees on Health and Public Safety. Appropriately, Rob lives in Boston -- the nation's college capital.

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