June 29, 2022

458: 21st Century Skills - with Dr. Randi R. Cosentino, President of the U.S. Naval Community College

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In this episode, President Series #160, YOUR guest is Dr. Randi R. Cosentino, President of the U.S. Naval Community College, YOUR guest cohost is Rob Buelow, Head of Product, Education at Vector Solutions, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, & YOUR sponsor is Unmudl!

What does the Naval community define as 21st century skills? What are Randi's thoughts on prior learning assessment (PLA)? What does she see as the future of higher education? Listen in to #EdUp!

Dr. Randi Reich Cosentino is President of the U.S. Naval Community College (USNCC), which is designed to serve enlisted Sailors, Marines, & Coast Guardsmen in providing access to military-relevant education. Prior to joining the USNCC, Dr. Cosentino served as Chief Academic Officer (CAO) at Guild Education, an academic platform & marketplace designed to provide access & support to millions of working adult learners through partnerships with Fortune 1000 companies, & non-profit universities. As CAO, Dr. Cosentino was responsible for academic partnerships & operations, as well as student success/coaching.

Previously, Dr. Cosentino served as Chief Operating Officer of Quad Learning/American Honors, where she oversaw academic partnerships, operations, admissions, student support, & the teaching and learning center. Before that, Dr. Cosentino served as Provost & Chief Academic Officer for Strayer University, & in a number of other senior roles for 13 years. Prior to joining Strayer, Dr. Cosentino worked in education technology as well as serving several years in city government with the City of New York as the Assistant Director in the Mayor’s Office of Transportation.

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