July 8, 2021

250: Educating the NEW Majority in America - with Dr. Mildred Garcia, President, AASCU

250: Educating the NEW Majority in America - with Dr. Mildred Garcia, President, AASCU

Welcome back to America’s leading higher education podcast!  In this episode of The EdUp Experience, sponsored by MDT Marketing, we welcome Dr. Mildred Garcia, President, American Association of State Colleges & Universities (AASCU)!

Millie is President of an organization with 400 state colleges and regional comprehensive colleges.  These institutions are educating the NEW majority of America.  With high-impact practices, state colleges and universities have the responsibility to train the 21st-century workforce, but first, they must re-engage students that have dropped out due to the pandemic (every institution is focused on this).  Millie goes on to talk about the necessity of having educated students in our democracy - while we close the equity, wealth, and gender gaps by making education accessible to all.  Millie also co-chaired the groundbreaking Postsecondary Value Commission Report released by the Gates Foundation earlier in 2021.  She is a powerhouse - don't miss this.

As AASCU's president, Dr. García is an advocate for public higher education at the national level, working to influence federal policy and regulations on behalf of member colleges and universities; serving as a resource to presidents and chancellors as they address state policy and emerging campus issues; developing collaborative partnerships and initiatives that advance public higher education; directing a strategic agenda that focuses on public college and university leadership for the 21st century; and providing professional development opportunities for presidents, chancellors, and their spouses. She is the first Latina to lead one of the six presidentially based higher education associations in Washington, D.C.

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