May 26, 2021

217: Working to Learn & Learning to Work - with Michelle Westfort, Chief University Officer, InStride

217: Working to Learn & Learning to Work - with Michelle Westfort, Chief University Officer, InStride

Welcome back to America's leading higher education podcast! In this incredible episode of The EdUp Experience, sponsored by Incubeta, we welcome Michelle Westfort, Chief University Officer, InStride. Listen in as special guest cohosts, Holly Owens, host of EdUp EdTech, and Dr. Stacey Gonzales, host of EdUp Edge K-12, talk with Michelle about the amazing work that is being, and will be, done at InStride. Michelle shares her thoughts and what she likes to call working to learn and learning to work. Tune in to learn what, according to Michelle, higher education institutions are starting to lean more into. 

Michelle Westfort brings more than 20 years of professional experience in higher education programs and partnerships to InStride. In her current role as Chief University Officer, she oversees the entire Academic Partnerships team and leads the development of InStride’s highly curated global network of academic partners, which includes top tier research universities.

Prior to joining InStride, Michelle was the Vice President of Business Development for The Learning House (acquired by Wiley) where she was responsible for developing higher education partnerships to build online programs. Previously, she held leadership positions at Pivot Worldwide, building workforce development opportunities for global learners and at Navitas, the Australian based pathway provider responsible for expanding enrollments at US-based public universities from major markets including the Middle East, China and Latin America.

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