Sept. 2, 2020

55: Dr. Mel Netzhammer, Chancellor, Washington St. University - Vancouver

55: Dr. Mel Netzhammer, Chancellor, Washington St. University - Vancouver

Students, the Grieving Stage, and Social Unrest in Higher Education

This is The Ed Up Experience President Series, Episode #14 - In this episode, hear Dr. Mel Netzhammer, Chancellor - Washington State University Vancouver.  In this episode, hear Mel talk about how students are really (still) in the grieving stage as their summer and now fall semesters are disrupted.  Mel also talks about why he thinks University Presidents should do more to communicate a stance against social injustice, and how the Portland protests are affecting his students and campus

Mel Netzhammer has served as the second chancellor of Washington State University Vancouver since July 2012. He is passionate about growing the number of students who successfully complete their academic degrees and expanding access to higher education—especially for the underrepresented. He values campus and community engagement, and has developed a number of strategic partnerships to support economic development and grow the workforce in Southwest Washington and the greater metropolitan area.

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