Oct. 11, 2021

323: Education vs. Hustle Culture - with Matt Higgins, CEO & Co-Founder, RSE Ventures

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In this episode, YOUR guest is Matt Higgins, CEO & Co-Founder at RSE Ventures, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, & YOUR sponsor is Unmudl!

YOU have got to listen to Matt’s story. It is a perfect example of resilience, persistence, & the power that education can have in transforming lives. If you work in education & need to be reminded of why you do what you do, then this is the episode for you!

Matt Higgins is an entrepreneur, investor & operator. In 2012, alongside co-founder Stephen Ross, he launched RSE Ventures, a private investment firm that focuses on companies across sports & entertainment, food & lifestyle, media & marketing, & technology. He holds dual roles as CEO of RSE & vice chairman of the Miami Dolphins, overseeing the business of the team, is an Executive Fellow at Harvard Business School & was a Guest Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank for seasons 10-11.

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