Sept. 22, 2020

66: The "Great Skedaddle" of Higher Education - with Dr. Martha Saunders, President, University of West Florida

66: The

This is The EdUp Experience, President Series Episode #20 - On this episode of The EdUp Experience, we welcome Dr. Martha Saunders, President of the University of West Florida.  Martha talks to us about how UWF has handled the higher education year of disruption, and she discusses how her team considered their reopening plan.  She also discusses why it was so advantageous that UWF was an early adopter of online education and she brings things down to Earth as she discusses how her staff hasn't taken a day off, the importance of mental health for staff and students, and why the future of education is happening right now.

In her 30-plus years in higher education, Dr. Saunders has served in academic and leadership roles at universities in Florida, Georgia, Wisconsin and Mississippi. Her area of academic expertise is in public relations and crisis communication for which she has won numerous awards, including two coveted Silver Anvils from the Public Relations Society of America.

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