Jan. 3, 2022

374: The Irreplaceable Benefit - with Dr. Marjorie Hass, President at The Council of Independent Colleges

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In this episode, YOUR guest is Dr. Marjorie Hass, President at The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC), YOUR special guest cohost is Niya Blair Hackworth, Director of Inclusion at the NCAA, & YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, aka, THE Voice of Education.

Marjorie is the first female President of the CIC in its 65-year history! Listen in as Joe & Niya talk to Marjorie about her book, A Leadership Guide for Women in Higher Education, & how to create a pipeline of women in leadership that want to work in higher ed. Marjorie also outlines a few commonalities of the institutions that she believes are faring best during COVID. Oh, & what's the Irreplaceable Benefit? Listen till the end to find out!

Marjorie Hass became president of the Council of Independent Colleges in July 2021. Previously, Hass served for eight years as president of Austin College where she defined a strong vision for the college’s future, pairing academic excellence with a commitment to educational access for talented students regardless of financial background, along with a strategic approach to securing the resources needed to achieve that vision. Earlier, she spent more than 16 years as a member of the philosophy faculty and subsequently as provost at Muhlenberg College.

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