March 29, 2020

10: Maayan Gordon, CEO, Maayan Gordon Media

10: Maayan Gordon, CEO, Maayan Gordon Media

Higher Education Marketing: Tik Tok and Beyond

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In This Episode… Join us in a riveting conversation with Mayaan Gordon, a TikTok social media phenom with 1.7 million followers. She gives the inside scoop on how to mobilize social media in higher education to grow an audience quickly and use its content and technology in marketing, as she has had amazing success in her meteoric rise as a social media influencer since October 2019. 

● [03.20] Maayan describes how to conceptualize TikTok for business and higher education marketing to use its content and technology
● [05.45]
Maayan provides advice for anyone who wants to jump on Tik Tok and start to create education-related videos
● [07.05]Maayan explains the tools available for Tik Tok creators, including data analytics and provides an overview of how the platform functions
● [09.30] Maayan recounts her story of how she overcame her own personal struggles to become a top social media influencer
● [16.10] Maayan lays out how TikTok can be used in higher education marketing
● [19.20] Maayan breaks down her strategy for creating viral social media content
● [22.35] Maayan gives the pros and cons for higher education marketing professionals to learn Tik Tok marketing strategy versus hiring a social media consultant to deploy content on the platform
● [26.10] Maayan gives insight on the logistics of how videos are created, how marketing leads can captured and converted, the advantages of colleges using Tik Tok for brand awareness and how she keeps challenging herself to grow in this uncharted social media territory
● [36.50] Maayan closes out the show with what she would like to be remembered for and what she sees as the future for higher education People We Mentioned in the Show 

● Maayan Gordan was our guest today. Learn more about her at 

Episode Length: 42:48 

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