Sept. 8, 2021

301: Executing a Tuition Reset - with Dr. Lynn Priddy, President & CEO, Claremont Lincoln University

301: Executing a Tuition Reset - with Dr. Lynn Priddy, President & CEO, Claremont Lincoln University

Welcome back to America's leading higher education podcast, The EdUp Experience! In this episode your guest is Dr. Lynn Priddy, President & CEO, Claremont Lincoln University, & your sponsor is MDT Marketing!  

In this episode, Lynn comes back to break the news about Claremont Lincoln University's implementation of a "tuition reset" for the August 2021 term.  After looking at CLUs market position, current tuition rate, consumer feedback, & long-term viability scenarios, the CLU Board & Lynn reset the tuition to better align the supply and demand balance!  How do to execute a tuition reset, & how should you do it?  Find out in this episode that will give you philosophical & tactical tips.

Dr. Priddy counts more than 35 years of experience in higher education, holding positions of faculty, director of research and assessment, provost and chief academic officer, executive vice president of strategic planning and advancement, executive advisor to the board, and president and strategic advisor to the president. She previously spent 14 years in a variety of roles for The Higher Learning Commission, the largest US regional accreditor, including its vice president of accreditation services. While there, she co-led the development of alternative accrediting processes, redefined and directed the systems for institutional change and decision-making, and served as the creator and founding director of the Commission's Academies for Assessment of Student learning and Student Persistence and Completion.

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