June 28, 2021

243: New Models for New Solutions - with Dr. Lynn Priddy, President & CEO, Claremont Lincoln University

243: New Models for New Solutions - with Dr. Lynn Priddy, President & CEO, Claremont Lincoln University

Welcome back to America’s leading higher education podcast! This is The EdUp Experience President Series Episode #78.  In this episode, sponsored by MDT Marketing, we welcome Dr. Lynn Priddy, President & CEO, Claremont Lincoln University!

Lynn joins us to talk about the change within higher education both from her new Presidential tenure and from her past experience of 14 years working with the nation's largest regional accreditor.  She discusses some really unique and provocative ideas for alternative models in higher education for both small and large institutions.  Ever heard of the team degree?  Lynn breaks down the idea and leaves us thinking about what general education should look like as we move forward through coronavirus and the impacts of a globally aware society.  Don't miss this one!

Dr. Lynn Priddy’s career of more than 30 years has focused exclusively on higher education, where she is known as a collaborative change agent and passionate speaker. She is currently the Provost and Chief Academic Officer of National American University, which serves adult students at 35 campuses. Previously, she was Vice President for Accreditation Services at The Higher Learning Commission, the largest regional accreditor in the United States. There she also served in the roles of Director of Education and Training and Peer Review as well as Assistant Director of the Peer Corps and Support Processes. Prior to that she was Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, then Vice President of Planning, Evaluation, and Improvement, for Nicolet College, where she received the Board Award for outstanding service.

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