April 26, 2021

199: The Staying Power of Online Learning - with Dr. Lori Williams, President/CEO, NC-SARA

199: The Staying Power of Online Learning - with Dr. Lori Williams, President/CEO, NC-SARA

The EdUp Experience is America's Leading Higher Education Podcast.  In this amazing episode, we welcome the President and CEO of NC-SARA, Dr. Lori Williams.  The focus of NC-SARA is communication and education programming - Lori speaks to the evolution of online learning where nearly every state has committed to making access to online education easier.  Lori helps us answer a burning question: Why is California not a member state of SARA?  Later in the episode, Lori talks about a key mission of access being at the center of NC-SARA operations.  This episode is a Masterclass for anyone in higher education attempting to understand regulatory bodies and their interconnectedness.  It's a must-listen for professional development.

Lori Williams is president and CEO of NC-SARA and has over 25 years of experience in education. Prior to this role, she served as vice president at the WASC Senior College and University Commission. Previous positions include provost, vice provost, vice president, executive director, and other academic administrative roles. Lori has spoken at national and international conferences about adult and online learning and served as professor, thesis advisor, and mentor. 

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