May 3, 2021

203: Grow With Google - with Lisa Gevelber, VP of Grow With Google

203: Grow With Google - with Lisa Gevelber, VP of Grow With Google

Welcome back to America‘s leading higher education podcast! In this fantastic episode of The EdUp Experience, sponsored by Element451, we talk with Lisa Cohen Gevelber, Founder and VP of Grow With Google. With a commitment of one billion dollars, and one million Google employee staff hours, Grow With Google was created to (a) help small businesses leverage technology and (b) to create employment equitability by tearing down barriers for two-thirds of American workers looking for meaningful work without a college degree.  Lisa talks about how the Google certificates are the foundation of this economic opportunity initiative driven by Google to evolve the educational landscape.  GWG is already working with over 100 community colleges and many four-year institutions are also on board to offer credit for the GWG certificates.  With over 50,000 students completing certificates already, Lisa has helped develop GWG from economic opportunity to economic impact.  John Farrar, Director of Education at Google, guest hosts on this episode!

Lisa Gevelber joined Google in January 2010 and runs Marketing for the Americas and for the Ads & Commerce business globally. She and her team help companies all over the world make the most of the web. They provide brands with data and insights on consumer trends, help marketers re-imagine storytelling, and support the growth of millions of small businesses. Lisa has more than 25 years of experience, including time spent at P&G, Intuit, and startups. Founder and VP, Grow With Google.

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