Aug. 11, 2020

43: Laurie Weidner, CEO, Parent Education Partners

43: Laurie Weidner, CEO, Parent Education Partners

BONUS: EdUp Embedded - Partnering with Parents in Student Persistence

Our guest on this episode is Laurie Weidner, a national award-winning strategic communications and reputation management consultant and 30-year education veteran.  She is the CEO of Parent Education Partners -- an educational consulting firm that crafts research-based, customized, culturally relevant solutions that enable higher education institutions to authentically engage all families to grow enrollment, increase retention, bolster completion rates, expand philanthropic giving and strengthen campus branding.  

Parent Education Partners aims to equip all families to serve as mentor-coaches who proactively support their student’s success in college. Laurie discusses the importance of engaging parents and families during COVID-19, especially the parents and families of first-gen and under-represented students.

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