Oct. 8, 2020

80: Dr. Larry Schall, President, New England Commission On Higher Education

80: Dr. Larry Schall, President, New England Commission On Higher Education

Movement Within Higher Education

In this episode of The EdUp Experience, we talk with Dr. Larry Schall, President of the New England Commission on Higher Education.  After a successful 15 year career as a university President, Dr. Schall took over the 220+ institution accreditation body help in July of 2020.  He discusses model changes, how higher education is seeing record movement, and why expense control is hard (but could be the saving grace for schools).  NECHE will be ensuring the effective delivery of online learning by reducing their approval window and moving quickly to assess the near 100 schools that have moved to online learning for the first time.

A key factor in Dr. Schall’s selection was his record of success at Oglethorpe University, which he has led for the past 15 years. The search committee noted his impressive tenure there, which featured an impressive turnaround at the once-struggling school. Dr. Schall has overseen the transformation of Oglethorpe from an at-risk institution to a university boasting a doubled class size, rigorous spending safeguards, and a secure financial outlook. He received his undergraduate degree from Swarthmore College and his J.D. and Ed.D from the University of Pennsylvania.  After starting his career as an attorney in Philadelphia, he served as Vice President of Administration at Swarthmore.

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