June 11, 2021

229: Thinking Differently & Creatively - with Dr. Kurt Steinberg, President, Montserrat College of Art

229: Thinking Differently & Creatively - with Dr. Kurt Steinberg, President, Montserrat College of Art

Welcome back to America’s leading higher education podcast! This is The EdUp Experience President Series Episode #76.  In this episode, sponsored by MDT Marketing, we welcome Dr. Kurt Steinberg, President, Montserrat College of Art!

Kurt is our first President from an arts college - he talks about Montserrat's internship program that is required for graduation.  It's the belief in practical experience that really supports a creative life.  Kurt is leading the charge to deconstruct the stigma that all artists are "starving" and he focuses on business partnerships that yield creative opportunities for students of the arts.  He challenges us all to think about art differently, and how art applications can create organic learning opportunities.

Dr. Kurt T. Steinberg, Ed.D. is the 8th President of Montserrat College of Art. He began his tenure at the college on July 1, 2018 after 12 years as Executive Vice President and one year as Acting President at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  An authority in collegiate operations, Dr. Steinberg has delivered guest lectures on higher education finance, urban planning, and the Massachusetts political process at Suffolk University, the University of Massachusetts Boston, and many professional higher education conferences.

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