June 15, 2022

452: Complete, Create, Commit - with Kari Granger, CEO of the Granger Network

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In this episode, YOUR guest is Kari Granger, CEO of the Granger Network, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, & YOUR sponsor is Alliance for Innovation & Transformation (AFIT)!

How does the complete, create, commit model enhance change management? Listen in to #EdUp!

The Granger Network is an executive coaching firm that supports thriving & profitable business results by leveraging key aspects of the human experience – heart, connection, responsibility, & creativity. They work with executives, teams, & individuals to develop leaders whose actions make a difference – both in their team culture & their company’s financial objectives. At the heart of their work, they create interventions that enable their clients to accomplish what they care about most. These interventions usually take the form of professional coaching, organizational alignment, or training & development programs.  Because of their expertise in human performance, they work with companies & leaders in a wide range of industries to catalyze their impact & achieve their boldest ambitions.

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