Aug. 4, 2021

285: Educational Right w/ Little to No Debt - with Joshua Lachs, CEO, Moneythink

285: Educational Right w/ Little to No Debt - with Joshua Lachs, CEO, Moneythink

Welcome back to America’s leading higher education podcast! In this episode of The EdUp Experience Podcast, sponsored by MDT Marketing, we welcome Joshua Lachs, CEO, Moneythink.  Joshua talks to us about how Moneythink harnesses the power of people and technology to bring transparency to college costs so that all students are equipped to invest in their futures.  Why don't students understand how to afford a college education, is it due to a lack of financial education early in life or the convoluted nature of higher education's shadow costs?  Joshua elaborates on how Moneythink empowers under-resourced students to achieve college success by supporting financial decision-making through coaching and technology.

As a former first-generation student struggling with college financing, Josh has a deep passion for the work at Moneythink. As CEO, Josh sets the strategic vision, bringing with him a 20+ year leadership career within social enterprise, workforce development, and education sectors. Prior to joining, he served as CBO at Net Impact, CEO at Breakthrough Collaborative, and Chief Officer of Workforce Development for Goodwill Industries. In his spare time, he provides executive coaching and mentorship to aspiring leaders. Josh earned his BA at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) and graduate degrees from Columbia University.

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