July 20, 2020

35: John Ikenberry, President/Co-Founder, higheredjobs.com

35: John Ikenberry, President/Co-Founder, higheredjobs.com

The State of Higher Education Jobs amidst Covid-19

Covid19 has been like nothing the higher education sector has ever seen, according to John Ikenberry, President and Co-Founder of HigherEdJobs.  John talks to Joe and Liz about the state of higher education hiring today, and you may not like what you hear if you are someone needing a job due to unemployment in higher education, wanting a job to advance within higher education, or as someone trying to enter higher education. 

Year over year hiring is down 58% in higher education education.  Yep, you read that right.  John also talks about hiring practices, his views on the evolution and future of higher ed, and how universities may be entrenching. If you work in higher ed, you have probably hear of or been on the higheredjobs.com site.  They are committed to diversity, inclusion, and providing resources for job seekers. 

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