March 8, 2022

403: The Commitment to Hands-On Learning - with Jim Mathis, President/Owner of WyoTech

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In this episode, President Series #141, YOUR guest is Jim Mathis, President/Owner of WyoTech, YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, & YOUR sponsor is The Charles Koch Foundation!  Coronavirus moved so many programs and schools online - but not WyoTech.  Hear Jim talk about why automotive, diesel, and programs like welding cannot be included in online learning deployment.  The blue-collar students needed to smell the oil and feel the parts to learn effectively, and WyoTech provided that outlet.  Jim talks about the expansion of the institution and why his students have absolutely NO problem landing jobs.

When Mathis led the purchase of WyoTech in July 2018, the school had 12 students. Now, WyoTech boasts nearly 500 students from all 50 states & expects to have over 1,000 by 2023.

Mathis, a graduate of WyoTech’s diesel program, sought to reinvigorate the school that gave him education & training. After the state of Wyoming approached him in early 2018, Mathis submitted a proposal to acquire WyoTech operations in hopes of restoring the school’s legacy of providing well-trained technicians to the United States workforce & beyond.

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