May 10, 2021

207: Educate 60% of the Workforce by 2025 - with Jamie Merisotis, President & CEO, Lumina Foundation

207: Educate 60% of the Workforce by 2025 - with Jamie Merisotis, President & CEO, Lumina Foundation

Welcome back to America’s leading higher education podcast! In this fantastic episode of The EdUp Experience, sponsored by Incubeta, we welcome Jamie Merisotis, President and & CEO of the Lumina Foundation.  In this tremendous episode, we speak to Jamie about a range of topics related to the Lumina Foundation's work at local, state, and national levels to design an affordable learning landscape with the goal of educating 60% of American workers by 2025.  College has never been less affordable than it is now; financial aid hasn't kept pace with economic need; what students get in the end is still cloudy.  However, without some type of higher education, Jamie believes economic mobility is hindered significantly.  Jamie also discusses his book, "Human Work In The Age Of Smart Machines", and higher ed's responsibility to prepare people for work that ONLY humans can do.  Don't miss this episode!

Jamie Merisotis is a globally recognized leader in philanthropy, education, and public policy.  Since 2008, he has served as president and CEO of Lumina Foundation, an independent, private foundation that is committed to making opportunities for learning beyond high school available to all.  He previously served as co-founder and president of the nonpartisan, Washington, DC-based Institute for Higher Education Policy, and as executive director of a bipartisan national commission on college affordability appointed by the U.S. President and Congressional leaders.

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