Sept. 29, 2020

72: Dr. Heather Perfetti, President, Middle States Commission on Higher Education

72: Dr. Heather Perfetti, President, Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Partnering with Institutions for the Future

In this episode of The EdUp Experience, we talk with Dr. Heather Perfetti, President of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education about how the accreditor works with institutions to help make them better.  Institutions are facing a more complex environment than ever before, which includes institutional mobility, a focus on collaborations and partnerships, and creating innovative futures.  Heather says it's time for institutions to have difficult and honest conversations about their futures - and that the accreditor is the helper, not the punisher. 

Dr. Perfetti has provided organizational-wide leadership and has been instrumental in developing and supporting strategic priorities, working across units to respond to complex legal and regulatory matters, overseeing the development of policies and procedures, and managing organizational changes impacting the Commission and accreditation within the region. She joined the Commission as a Vice President liaison to institutions in January 2015, was promoted to serve as Vice President for Legal Affairs and Chief of Staff in July 2017, and elevated to Senior Vice President in July 2018. 

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