June 13, 2022

450: Free College = New Mexico - with Dr. Gregory Busch, President & CEO of Mesalands Community College

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In this episode, President Series #158, YOUR guest is Dr. Gregory Busch, President & CEO of Mesalands Community College, YOUR guest cohost is Erika Liodice, Executive Director at the Alliance for Innovation & Transformation (AFIT), YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, & YOUR sponsor is Advance 360 Education!

During the higher education word association segment, Joe asked Gregg to talk about what the phrase “free college” means to him. Why was his first response to say New Mexico? Listen in to #EdUp!

With more than 30 of executive leadership experience in the private sector, public service, non profit, & higher education, Gregg is a seasoned and proven leader who can be relied upon for good judgment, open communication, honesty, compassion, $ transparency. He combines common sense with data-driven decision making while embracing diversity & integrating multiple points-of-view. A servant leader, he leads by example & models the relationships he desires to see in the organization. He empowers people by encouraging life-long learning, mutual respect, hard work, & a healthy sense of humor. 

He is often characterized as a visionary & transformational leader & many describe his leadership style as one that inspires his team to want to get on board to support the goals & mission before them. Having served as an academic dean twice, a chief academic officer, a vice president for academic affairs, & a national leader of educational reform, in May 2021, he was named the 5th President of Mesalands Community College in Tucumcari, New Mexico. 

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