March 13, 2021

174: End-to-End Solutions for Learners - with Glen Patterson, Co-Founder, WorkSchool

174: End-to-End Solutions for Learners - with Glen Patterson, Co-Founder, WorkSchool

Welcome back to America's leading higher education podcast! In this fantastic episode of The EdUp Experience, sponsored by The Evolllution, we talk with Glen Patterson, Co-Founder, WorkSchool.  WorkSchool connects the learner to aggregated certificate programs, then connects the earned skill to employment opportunities.  Hear Glen talk about the necessity of offering students valuable learning opportunities without becoming frustrated.  With so many non-credit and certificate opportunities available, finding the right program can even seem overwhelming.  Glen discusses the importance of end-to-end solutions providing an outstanding user experience.  Not every student is ready for, or wants, the traditional path!

Glen Patterson is the Co-Founder of WorkSchool - The world's leading learning platform for human capital with end-to-end solutions for learners and job-seekers. Educating the workforce of today and tomorrow. Smart, Intelligent, Creative. He is also Co-Founder of Trifecta Ventures, Founder of Harlem Tech Summit, a Speaker on Tech Inclusion, and an E-Lecturer pn Entrepreneurship, Startup, Innovation for Marketing. 

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