April 19, 2020

14: Gary Carlson, Executive Director, Men of Bethany in America

14: Gary Carlson, Executive Director, Men of Bethany in America

"We are all experts?”- The case for change in Higher Education

Gary Carlson has 53 years of experience in education including administrative and teaching roles in K-12, for-profit higher education and non-profit higher education.  Gary brings his vast knowledge and expertise to The Ed Up Experience and discusses student success, what it takes to be an effective online faculty member, the need for innovative leadership at the highest level of higher education, and how institutions need to pivot in what will be a different looking landscape post-COVID-19.  Gary has worked closely with accreditors, boards, and membership associations all while working to change higher education from the inside out over his tenure. Thanks so much for tuning in.  Join us again next week for another episode! Contact Us! Connect with the hosts - Elvin Freytes, Elizabeth Leiba, and Dr. Joe Sallustio ● If you want to get involved, leave us a comment or rate us! ● Visit us at The EdUp Experience.  ● Follow us on Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube Thanks for listening! We make education your business!

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