Feb. 8, 2021

157: Gray Jobs and the need for Upskilling - with Frank Britt, CEO, Penn Foster

157: Gray Jobs and the need for Upskilling - with Frank Britt, CEO, Penn Foster
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In this amazing episode of The EdUp Experience, sponsored by MDT Marketing, we have the honor of speaking with Frank Britt, CEO, Penn Foster!  Penn Foster is the original correspondence school in the United States.  Their focus is on middle-skill income jobs - 'gray jobs', as they market to a student consumer that defines the type of education they want to consume.  As the largest provider of upskilling the middle class in the US, Penn Foster's aspirations are not to be a school - they strive to become the premier career management provider for the middle class.  Hear Frank define what is missing in the space, and how Penn Foster is filling a critical need.

Frank is the Chief Executive Officer of Penn Foster, the leading skills development training, credentials and employment matching enterprise for frontline workers. This for-purpose organization is focused on employment outcomes through ed-tech enabled workforce solutions and today has more than 125,000 active students and 1,000 partners, including employers, youth organizations, government organizations, and academic institutions.  He previously served as an Operating Partner at Bain Capital Ventures and CEO of Pri-Med – the largest medical education training company for primary care physicians. He is a recognized education authority, with media and investor community engagement such as Bloomberg TV, C-SPAN/ U.S. Congress, SXSWedu, TEDx, BMO and ASU/GSV investor conference, and was appointment by Governor Corbett of Pennsylvania on the Advisory Committee on Future of Postsecondary Education.

Thanks so much for tuning in.  Join us again next time for another episode!  Contact Us!

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