Jan. 24, 2022

384: Higher Ed Globalization - with Dr. Fernando Leon Garcia, President of CETYS University

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We welcome YOU back to America's leading higher education podcast, The EdUp Experience!

It’s YOUR time to #EdUp

In this episode, President Series #134, YOUR guest is Dr. Fernando Leon Garcia, President of CETYS University & President-Elect of the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP), YOUR host is Dr. Joe Sallustio, aka, THE Voice of Education, & this is all brought to YOU by the 2021 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)!

Fernando discusses higher ed from a global perspective. Not only does champion the role of CETYS in Baja, California, & other areas of Mexico, he also talks about why over 300 students from the U.S. have decided to study with CETYS. Fernando talks about the higher education-to-work connection & why higher education still has extreme value for Mexicans (& why higher ed is valued so highly internationally). He talks about his role as President-Elect for IAUP & why considering higher education from the global perspective is critical to understand what the future of higher education will be.

Dr. Leon-Garcia has been President of CETYS University since 2010, leading the institution to institutional & program accreditation in the USA (WASC,ACBSP,ABET), & one of the highest student mobility rates in Mexico. Prior to that, he served as Chancellor of City University of Seattle‘s International Division, covering programs, campuses, & sites across the Americas, Europe & Asia. Before joining City University, he served as Chief Academic Officer of Apollo International/University of Phoenix International. 

Thank YOU so much for tuning in. Join us on the next episode for YOUR time to EdUp!

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