Sept. 23, 2020

67: Dr. Eric James Stephens, Founder of #HireHigherEd

67: Dr. Eric James Stephens, Founder of #HireHigherEd

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In this episode of EdUp Embedded, Dr. Eric James Stephens, Founder of HireHigherEd talks to Elizabeth about his goal to create an academic community for job hunters to share resources after being displaced by the COVID-19 health crisis. He started with an initial, free, two-day live-streamed event in August, with over 50 speakers, 9 live-streamed thought leader panels, nearly 20 workshops, and over 250 registered attendees. 

He has continued the momentum with free weekly online workshops to help job seekers translate their value from higher education to industry, government, non-profits sectors, and staffing agencies. He talks about his mission to change higher education for the better, help other displaced job seekers and to provide what most people want during a pandemic: security.

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